Sugar and candies

Our films help to preserve the taste, texture and aroma of sugar and candy products, such as sweets, gummies, liquorices, chocolates and caramelised almonds. Additionally the film’s gloss and transparency, improve a sugar’s boxes appearance.

Ervisa¬īs product portfolio includes a wide variety of products, adapted to the specific needs of the different packaging machines and the application. The client can choose between ER-PP21, transparent general- purpose film,¬†matt finished film ER-PP26 or high performance films ER-PP24, ER-PP25, ER-PP28.


  • Consistent slip properties
  • Productivity rise
  • Waste reduction
  • Excellent performance on high-speed HFFS packaging machines
  • Excellent gloss and transparency
  • Wide range of sealing temperatures
  • Good barrier to moisture
  • Suitable for individual flow packaging
  • Compatible with other packaging components such as plastic, carton trays, release opening etc
  • Available in a wide range of thickness and width