Ervisa┬┤s BOPP films can be used in high speed and productivity machines, thanks to their exceptional technical properties, which assure the right performance of the films along the packaging systems, with horizontal (HFFS) or vertical (VFFS) packaging machines.

Ervisa┬┤s product portfolio for bakery includes transparent general-purpose films as ER-PP21 or matt films as ER-PP26 also complex films as ER-PP24, ER-PP25, ER-PP33 or ER-PP28.


  • Consistent slip properties
  • Productivity rise
  • Waste reduction
  • Excellent performance on high-speed HFFS packaging machines
  • Excellent gloss and transparency
  • Wide range of sealing temperatures
  • Good barrier to moisture
  • Suitable for individual flow packaging
  • Compatible with other packaging components such as plastic, carton trays, release opening etc
  • Available in a wide range of thickness and width