Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetable packaging is a big challenge because these products keep on breathing after harvesting, causing fog  appearance and quality and freshness deterioration.

Ervisa¬īs solution for this problem is ERPP21-C macro perforation. Packaging¬† avoids¬† water vapor condensation, a process where fog turns into water drops when a big large temperature changes happens. These drops fall over fruits and vegetables, and accelerate worsing process.

ER-PP21 Macroperforated Key features:

  • Antifog effect
  • High performance on high speed punching machines
  • High gloss and transparency
  • High performance on horizontal (HFFS)¬† and vertical (VFFS) packaging machines
  • Printable
  • Compatible with other packaging components such as plastic, carton trays, etc