Snacks and Appetizers

Ervisa┬┤s films are suitable for snacks and appetizers packaging and have an outstanding performance along the packaging system. Besides, as all BOPP films, our films protect these products against moisture and odour.

Our transparent ER-PP21 film and matt ER-PP26 film, can be used as a film, can be printed on flexography or retro gravure machines and can be laminated with other BOPP films (metallized, acrylic, transparent…) or with any compatible film.


  • Better resistance to tear than aluminium films
  • Outstanding performance on a wide variety of packaging systems (HFFS and VFFS)
  • Suitable to be laminated
  • Corona treated to assure inkÔÇÖs anchorage
  • Good barrier to moisture
  • Available in a wide range of thickness and width