Drugstore items

Drugstore itemÔÇÖs shrink- wrapping, requires the film adaptation to complex sizes typically of these articles. Ervisa┬┤s films, due to their high shrinkage rate and excellent performance on machine, guarantee a perfect finish of the shrinked product.

It is distinguishing applications where shrinkage rate control is a must, as for example sponges, and other applications where products show sharp and irregular edges which require films with improved mechanical properties.

Ervisa´s offer gives the clients the chance of a choice between films with flexible shrinkage rate as FREC general purpose film 4VR , high speed film 7VR and high strength and toughness film  6VR.


  • Good resistance to tear
  • Outstanding performance on high-speed machines
  • High gloss and transparency
  • Shrinkage rate at request
  • Can be used in manual and automatic machines
  • Disponible en┬á┬á l├ímina o semitubo
  • Available as single wound and centre folded in a wide variety of widths and thickness