Promotional activities and grouping

It is usual to shrink-wrap¬† in promotional packs and grouping of products such as (2×1, 3×1 ‚Ķ). Thanks to Ervisa¬īs versatility films and our wide range of product portfolio, our client can easily find a film adapted to their finish and machinability needs.

Ervisa¬īs offer includes general- purpose PVC film FREC with flexible shrinkage rate, general- purpose polyolefin 4VR film, high- speed film 7VR and high strength and toughness film¬† 6VR.


  • Good resistance to tear
  • Productivity rise
  • High gloss and transparency
  • Excellent performance on a wide variety of shrink-wrapping machine
  • Shrinkage at request
  • Available as single wound and centre folded in a wide variety of widths and thickness