Flexible packaging

Ervisa manufactures Bioriented Polypropylene (BOPP) developed and designed for food and non- food goods flexible packaging.

Ervisa has always concentrated on research, innovation and specialization of its products with the purpose of satisfying the special and individual demands of the different markets and applications. Because of that our BOPP films are used in a wide range of packaging applications, so the ones that are satisfied with general-purpose films, as for the use of special films for sophisticated machines and applications.

Our films stand out because they’re good machinability and they’re excellent performance along the packaging system.

As a characteristic property of all BOPP, Ervisa¬īs films have a good barrier to moisture and odour.

Ervisa¬īs films help to reduce costs are 100% recyclable and have many other advantages.

General purpose films 

General purpose filmsGeneral- purpose film ER-PP21 is a BOPP film, with high versatility, which makes possible its application…

Special films for packers 

Special filmsER-PP33 and ER- PP50 are two new products designed to meet the packer¬īs needs. This has been…

High performance films 

High performance filmsErvisa has designed a high performance line of films, which improves the productivity of the packaging lines…