PVC Shrink films

Ervisa manufactures the film FREC made of PVC shrink films via bioriented extrusion with double bubble. FREC is an easy to use shrink film, with a customized shrinkage rate and a wide widths and thickness offer.

About machinability, our film can be used in manual, semiautomatic and automatic shrink machines.

Key Features FREC

  • Versatility and optimal performance on a wide variety of packaging systems
  • Optimal performance and productivity with outstanding yield
  • Shrinkage rate at request
  • High gloss and transparency
  • Available as centre folded or single wound film in a wide range of widths and thickness
  • Crystal or crystal-blue

To complete our PVC product portfolio, Ervisa has developed a line of special PVC films, designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. These films are: FREC – Odourless FREC- High (Plasticity) Plasticizing, FREC-Recycled (an environmentally friendly film entirely made of productive recycled pellets) and ECO-FREC: Chemical Plasticizing Free.

More information on technical specifications