Cases of success

As an example of the benefits that can produce the collaboration between university and industry, we can to introduce Ervisa¬īs experience. The project is called “intelligent system for optimization of plastic film cut”.

This project was carried out in 2005 by a collaborative team from the University of Oviedo and Ervisa.

The project involved the creation of intelligent software for combining cutting wide coils, with the aim of waste reduction in plastic film manufacture and environmental impact reduction of company activity.

The result was a significantly reduction on the plastic film waste percentage produced on the manufacturing process and Oviedo University conducted an extensive study on research and development of hybrid optimization algorithms and constraint solving.

The project was subsidized by the Foundation for the Promotion in Asturias of Scientific Research and Applied Technology (FICYT).

Moreover, the outcome was collected in the patent with the title “Intelligent system for optimization of plastic film cutting‚ÄĚ, whose exploitation globally rights was given to Ervisa and this was registered in the Intellectual Property of the Principality Asturias.