Identification of objectives

The method to select the ideas that will be carried out as future projects are based on the following aspects:

  • Development scenarios
  • Resources needed
  • Main tasks
  • Cost impact
  • Objectives of R & D + I contribution
  • Market position
  • Risk factors
  • Success probability
  • Benefits expectation

The criteria for selection of ideas respond to all these aspects. Ervisa seeks balance and weighting  between them, so the chosen concept fits more accurately to the policy of R & D + i Ervisa. The criteria are:

  • Positioning. How the project affects the present situation of the company in the market. The project’s success clearly influences the company image and national and international recognition.
  • Strategic growth. Adequacy of the project to the company objectives.
  • Opening of new markets. The success of the project requires access to a new geographical market or sector.
  • Probability of success. Depending on the technical and economic risk.
  • Resources Destination. Human and technical resources should be used to implement the project.
  • Economic feasibility. Development cost, expected return of the project and impact on the company’s treasury.

The evaluated ideas come from the collaborative frame with our clients and suppliers. The clients channel the market needs in terms of new applications and the suppliers assist in the identification of materials whose characteristics allow the use of the future developed product.

Ervisa is in constant contact with clients with the mission of identifying their needs and coordinating of product creation process.