In order to implement Ervisa┬┤s R + D + I policy, this activity is annually provided with the human and material resources. The annual budget assignation to specific innovation programmes has resulted in a total of 5 mllion euros investment along the period 2006-2010. This amount represents 3.7% of the turnover of the company during the same period, placing Ervisa as one of its industry leaders concerning to this indicator.

The investment is managed through programs that are previously subjected to various tests to ensure its success and the efficient use of resources assignment.

Material resources are placed in the facilities, machinery, raw materials, and energy and process time, used on developed products and on improved production processes.

Human resources mean the time spent by Ervisa┬┤s technical staff in preparation of tests and subsequent result analysis.

In this manner, Ervisa has a technical department whose primary mission is to carry out innovative programs. In addition, for each program are cross-cutting working groups including all departments involved in product development.

Moreover, Ervisa has the support of external organizations, which do external analysis: AIMPLAS-Technological Institute of Plastics and APPLUS (Certification Technological Center).

AIMPLAS performs chemical tests to ensure that the contact between the plastic film and the product does not involve the constituent parts transfer of the film to the product, over the values specified by the current legislation (Directive 2002/72/EC) and therefore ensure that this fact does not produce any consumer health damages. Ervisa is associated with AIMPLAS since 2003.

APPLUS is a technological support of the industry through laboratory testing, calibration of measuring equipment, certification and technical training.