Project grants and subventions

The R+D+i activity consumes intensively financial resources. Ervisa knows the importancy, therefore every year it goes to their projects a significant portion of the resources generated in each operation.

At the same time, given the interest of the public administrations in the development of this activity throughout the industrial net, public support has been requested.

The support programs that Ervisa have been pursued with success, are the ones directly focused on innovation. Therefore, Ervisa┬┤s projects have been submitted to a various support programs (R+D+i 2007, R+D+i 2010, Internacionalization) to small and medium companies, such as INNOEMPRESA, INNOVA, ADIA announced by the Ministry of Industry and the regions of Aragon and Asturias.

Overall, the received aid in the last five years to support R + D + i activities has been upper 0.2 MÔéČ.