Ervisa¬īs¬† team is guided by the principles that incorporates the shared vision of the Company as being highly respected for their customer guidance qualities, offering value for money whilst adhering to and working within the boundaries of safety and environmental regulations. All of this is achieved by integrating social, economic and environmental aspects.

Ethics and Corporate Responsibility

Ervisa is committed to best practice corporate governance, principles of business ethics and transparency in all spheres of the company activities.

Customer approach

Ervisa is constantly endeavoring  to meet the needs and expectations of its customers. We are continuously looking to improve consumer satisfaction and our business relationships. The aim of Ervisa is to offer the best quality service and develop products that will satisfy the needs of its customers now and in the future.

Financial results

We believe that in order to secure the future of Ervisa we need to monitor closely the successful implementation of our Business Plan thereby meeting¬† the demands and expectations of all groups currently concerned . To achieve this – compliance with the growth and profitability goals have been set out in the Company’s Strategic Plan.


The safety of our people in the production place and  surrounding areas, as well as the constant  development and updating of safety practices and accident prevention measures  are high priorities on  Ervisa’s agenda.